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Picture of Rub Club Yearly Subscription

Rub Club Yearly Subscription

2018 Rub Club

We are proud to introduce our “Spice of the Month Club” which we call the “Rub Club”. For $100 a year you will get a shipment every quarter. You will receive three spices in each box. One for every month. In addition, you will also receive recipes, helpful tips, and anything else that we can find that will make this one of the most fun things you can belong to. Depending on when you order, will determine when your shipments will begin.

These are examples of what you will receive:

January - Gorgonzola Cheese Powder
February - Hungarian Smoked Paprika
March - Malt Vinegar Powder

April - Epazote
May - Uncle Otis BBQ Sauce
June - Black Raspberry Tea

July - Blueberry Mint Vinegar
August - Buttermilk Powder
September - Honey Powder

October - Urfa Chili
November - Split Pea Soup Mix
December - Chai Sugar & Chai Tea

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