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Picture of Garam Masala

Garam Masala

Unit weight: 1oz

Nutricianist Approved

Masala means blend. Garam Masala is a special spice blend. It is used throughout Southern Asia. Generally, Garam Masala is added in a small quantity at the end of cooking to add a subtle flavor to the dish. It should be added in small quantities, or else it will overpower the dish. Many different kinds of Garam Masala are found depending on the region and the cook's personal taste. This one is made from: coriander, cumin, chilis De Arbol, cloves, bay, cinnamon, ginger.

If you are a restaurateur or caterer and you are looking for a special formulation to enhance an item on your menu, please contact us and see if we might be able to help. This price is per ounce.

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