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Chili Spot- Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Do you like Chili?  So do we!  You can make so many different kinds of chili with a variety of spice levels and flavors.  Colonel De has all of the herbs, spices and learning tools you could ever need to make great chili, right on his website!

See all of the products De has from chili flakes, to chili powder and even whole chili's, here.

In the below spot, you'll find De talking with Storm Bennett about Chili at Hagedorn Appliances.  Be sure to explore the Colonel De youtube channel for great how to videos and more!


Hi everybody it's Storm Bennett here with The Colonel, Colonel De at Hagedorn appliances talking about chili and it's chili season isn't it?  It's Chili time man, time to get the ol' chili pot out and get it ready for the game.  There's Cincinnati chili, we all know about that, but all across America there are different kinds of chili's.  They're based on different kinds of ingredients.  You can go from sweet to dark, to hot, to regular.  It doesn't matter, it's all chili, it's all good.  Find your taste at

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Brining Spot- Monday, January 25, 2016

As Super Bowl Sunday approaches, you may see Colonel De on your TV!  We'll be posting the spots over the next few weeks, along with links that may be helpful!  This spot discusses "Brining" and how it's important for keeping your turkey or other bird moist.

Find Brining guidelines for a variety of meats, here!


Hi everybody it's Storm Bennett with Colonel De, talking about some spices and brining here at Hagedorn Appliances, so important.  It is very important.  People who tell me they don't like a turkey breast because it's dry, that simply tells me that they've never had it brined.  Brining is important you're putting the liquid back into the meat that it has lost over a time.  It's a wonderful way to prepare your bird, make it flavorful, make it juicy.  More information on

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