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Buy Herbs and Spices Online- Monday, January 26, 2015

Need a quick and convenient way to get some spice into your meals and on your taste buds? With Colonel De you can shop the entire inventory online, and have all the herbs and spices your heart desires shipped straight to your front door.

With our large variety of herbs and spices you can create new and exciting meals to make at your home.  We even have some archived recipes, and go into detail with some spices at Spice University.  Another great resource is with our how to videos that cover a variety of topics, and show you exactly how to cook certain meals.

We’re big on spices, so we figured we should tell you about a few.  Many of our spices are great for year round use.  For example, our adobo seasoning is always useful in Spanish and Latin inspired dishes, while anise and allspice seasoning is commonly used in baking and any dish you’d like to find an “earthy and warm” sense of taste.  Try them out the next time you’re looking for a new food experience.

Do you have a question about a recipe, spice, or anything involved with cooking? Ask the Colonel right here on the blog! We love discussing culinary topics. Whether it’s on here, Facebook, or Twitter, we look forward to helping you tackle any challenge you may be having in the kitchen.  Thanks for cooking with Colonel De!

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