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Salt Pearls- Thursday, December 11, 2014

Looking for the perfect type of sea salt pearls? Colonel De has the best selection you’ll find, and you can purchase online! Our varieties of Afar Sea Pearls are salt particles from the Afar Lake in Africa. These salt pearls come from the sides of the lake, and they have a sweet salty taste.

Extra Fine Sea Pearls are naturally created from the sides of lake afar. They have subtle and sweeter taste that is about the same size as regular table salt. This size of sea pearls is mostly used for finishing dishes, and to accent recipes.

Petite Sea Pearls are very similar to our extra fine pearls in the sense that its used mostly for cooking and finishing. It also has a sweeter taste, but because the pearls are bigger it has a stronger and more potent taste. These pearls are about the size of a bead.

Perfect size pearls are our biggest sized pearls that are about the size of a small gumball. This size pearl is more versatile in use, and it provides the strongest taste of the three. The Lake Afar water doesn’t fail in giving this salt a sweeter taste too!

For more information on our Afar Sea Salt Pearls please contact us! You can also order them online from the links above. Enjoy!

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